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Posted Date: 11/05/2016

Dr. Javier Saenz

Poncho Decorating Contest












Left to right: Anette Quiroz (Sarai Lopez), Alexis Mungia, Perla Ramirez (Krystal Marin), Sammy Alfaro, Jose A. Garcia (Vianey Perez), Juan Mendez, and Matias Martinez (Paola Avila).


Clothing is one of our basic needs to survive. Clothing represents our personality and our interests. The Spanish II students at Dr. Javier Saenz Middle School recently learned about different articles of clothing from different Latin American Cultures. A popular article of clothing found throughout Latin America is the Poncho. Ponchos are typical in the elevated cold areas between Bolivia and Peru. The poncho is also used in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Mexico. These countries have cold mountain regions. The poncho protects against the cold and is made of materials such as llama and sheep wool, which are animals of these countries.

In general there are two types of ponchos: the ones used on a daily basis for work and the ones used for parties, celebrations, and special events. The ponchos used for parties and celebrations have complex designs and many colors.

These students at Dr. Saenz had the opportunity to design their own ponchos decorating them with colors and designs that represents them.